High Strength Concrete

Challenge : Designing a High Strength Concrete Mix of Grade M-80.


1. Design a Concrete Mix as per IS 10262 for M 80.
2. Submit a report on the design.
3. Cast three (3) Standard Cubes of Dimensions 150mm as per the designed mix.
4. Prepare a brief presentation on the work.

Rules of the Competition :

1. The Design is to be done for M-80 grade of Concrete assuming a standard deviation in target strength to be 5 N/mm
2. All kinds of Cementitious Materials are allowed.
3. All kinds of Aggregates are allowed except Metallic Aggregates.
4. All kinds of Admixtures are allowed.
5. Reinforcement of any kind is restricted.
6. The Cubes must correspond to the standards specified in IS 516.
7. Appropriate Curing method may be adopted.
8. The Density of Hardened Concrete Blocks must not exceed 25kN/m

Testing of the Blocks:

1. The Dimensions of each block are measured to the nearest multiple of 1 mm.
2. The Weight of each block is noted to the nearest multiple of 1g.
3. The Density of each block is then calculated.
4. The blocks are then tested for their compressive strength as per IS 516.

Scoring Criteria :

The following parameters are considered in deciding the final score of the participating teams.

1. Average Compressive strength of the blocks. (Positive Factor)
2. Deviation of individual block strength from average. (Negative Factor)
3. Cement content. (Negative Factor)
4. Report and Presentation.

The results obtained by testing will be carefully correlated with Mix Proportions. Evaluation is done on the basis of Specified Criteria by experts in the field of Concrete Technology.


PRIZE MONEY: Rs.6000(3000 + 2000 +1000)

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