Transportation- Road Design Technology

Date : March 8th and 9th 2017
Fee : Rs.1000 (Including access to material)

About Workshop:

Transportation-road design technology: This two day course will provide a general overview of road design for transportation practitioners and engineers. The course will look about fundamental enhancements and changes with open roads. The course will look at how to create and view terrain using raster aerial photographs. It will look at how to use the open roads technology heads-up display and element manipulators. It will also look at the derivation of the formulae used for basic road design.

Course Highlights:

Transportation-road design technology:
1.Learn about road designing for transportation.
2.Creating and viewing terrain, geometry and cross section using MXROAD software.
3.Discussion about implementing the knowledge gained to develop B.Tech / M.Tech Projects.

Course Content:

1.Introduction to Open Roads
2.Creating & Viewing Terrain
3.Creating Geometry
4.Cross Sections
5.Case Study / Project: Open Roads

Certificate of Completion by S.P.M. Hydraulics.
Certificate of completion with Distinction(for top performers)


Transportation-road design technology: This workshop is recommended for Civil Engineering students interested to practically learn Road design.

*Participation certificate for all the participants and merit certificates for winners will be awarded.
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